Buildings Guide#

There are nine types of building that can be constructed on planets in Galactic Empires. They are:

  • Housing - Build these to produce credits.
  • Laboratories - Build these to reduce the credit cost of researching.
  • Barracks - Build these to reduce the credit cost of training  soldiers .
  • Factories - Build these to reduce the credit cost of building  ground units  (except soldiers).
  • Orbital Facilities - Build these to reduce the credit cost of constructing space units.
  • Command Centers - Build these to increase the number of colonies you can own before receiving a build cost penalty. Only the planet with the most command centers is used to calculate the number of colonies, so you will not get more by building these in multiple locations. Every 33 of these will allow you to support one extra colony, unless you are playing as an expansionist in which case you need to build 25 to support an extra colony. If these are destroyed by an opponent then their effect is not lost.
  • Silos - Build these to increase the maximum number of credits and exium you can store on the planet.
  • Scanners  - Build these to clear the fog of war on nearby star systems. Building 25 results in a scan distance of 1  Parsec .
  • Exium Mines - Build these on planets containing exium in order to generate exium on the planet.
  • Nuke factories: Reduce the cost of building  nukes , only available to build when nukes are available for research.
Note: Whilst a planet is under 500 development it is only possible to construct housing on the planet.

Note 2: All effects granted by construction of buildings (except command centers) apply only to the planet they are built upon.