Galactic Empires is a massive multi-player strategy game where the user doesn't need to be online constantly to be successful. Having advanced technology and a larger army is not the key to winning. Strategy and diplomacy will make the difference among large and small empires. Choose your friends carefully, you can join forces with them to achieve your goals.

Galactic Empires is different from other games because of its game-play format. It is not time consuming, you wont have to wait for something to be built or researched. You cannot optimize your production by staying connected all day long. You only need a little time each day to be successful.

Galactic Empires was designed to be easy to play and intuitive. Enjoy your life and enjoy Galactic Empires. Both things are possible!

First steps to play#

(A guide specifically designed for new players can be found  here . You'd be better of reading it.)

This is for the new players. These first steps will allow you to build your first fleet and army, all in the first day of play. It is even possible to conquer your first planet.

The first thing you need to do is build your army. Follow these steps:

Next you need to build a fleet to transport your army. Follow these steps: Now lets capture your first planet. Follow these steps: Your fleet is ready to capture it's first planet, lets find an easy one. Follow these steps: Your fleet is on its way to the planet you selected. The army will automatically deploy on the planet. When the fleet lands follow these steps: NOTES: Planets with small populations are cheaper to develop, but they have aliens that will defend it. The planet type and size determines the number of aliens on the planet. A very rich planet could have more than 500 aliens on it. Aliens are good for honing your battle skills.

Now that you have captured your planet this would be a good time to contact your neighbors. Present yourself and be polite, some of your neighbors are very powerful. You can ask to join their empire, this will allow you to grow and learn without the fear of being crushed. In the future, when you're ready to pursue your own empire you can abandon the empire you had previously joined.

In the beginning you have 90% protection, when only people within 10% of your score can attack you. After that, the percent will fall by 5% per day until it reaches 10% at which point you are only protected from empires at least 10 times the score of your own. Be aware that smaller empires may attack you to steal your resources and plunder your main planet, and you may not be able to attack them back - this is known as pirating.

My main planet has been captured!#

You did not have enough defenses in your main planet and it has been occupied by an enemy. Don't panic, it isn't the end for you. You still have control over the planet, but its buildings performance will be degraded through a 50% tax while the occupation goes on and it can't receive resource transfers. Anyway you have to free your planet, there are some things that you can do:


The map is located at the bottom of the screen. The map consists of three different levels:

Sectors could be empty because Star Systems are only created when a user registers. This means that near all stars have a user associated with them.

When clicking on any planet the planet's information will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen, and you will not lose your map location.

You can go back into the map with the path that you will find over the map. If you click on "Map", you will go to the sectors Map.

NOTES: All sectors, stars and planets that your empire influences (owns or occupies) are labeled with a green mark.

It is also possible to view the influence of another empire, at least, it is possible to view planets you have detected in the fog of war. This can be done by viewing the appropriate empire profile and clicking on the "Show influence" link. This will add a red mark to the map indicating the locations of that empire.


The selected planet's characteristics will show on the right side of the screen. These characteristics are:


There are only 2 resources that are accumulated in any planet. A planet need these resources in order to build or research something. Resources can be transferred between planets. If you have the resources to do it, your action will be made instantly, so, you don't need to wait to have it available and you don't need to be connected all day to wait to finish something and begin a new action to be productive. Stress is not good for humans, take your time and live your life.


Credits are produced and accumulated by planets automatically. The production per game tick (100 secs) depends on the amount of housing on the planet. A planet can store a limited amount credits, and the planet will not produce more if the amount accumulated reaches that limit. So you have to use credits to maximize your production. But you will need several days to archive that quantity in a populated planet, so, you can forget a planet and use it when you need it or when you have the time to do it.


Exium is a resource used to make production in your planet. All planets have exium, however exium can be found at different concentrations. You should have at least one planet with exium to have a chance playing against your enemies. If a planet has exium, it will be extracted automatically if you build mines. Everything has a exium cost. If none of your planets have high exium concentration you might want to trade for it or get a planet with a high concentration.


Galactic Empires hasn't a tech tree, you will create your own unique units and you will decide when to improve your technology to produce better units. Units have "build points" that depend on the size of the unit and the technology of your empire. The more tech level you have, the more build points you will have for the same unit size. You can research average units or specialized units to beat your enemy, it's up to you.

Research tasks can be made in your planets individually. If you have the appropriate resources to make a research task, then you will be able to finish it and the new design or tech improvement will be available instantly.

Improve tech level#

Here you can increment your tech level. Each point has a price, and that price grows as your tech level increases. You should think before making tech increments, because they could be a little expensive and you have to research new units in order to enjoy your new technology level - your old units will not automatically be updated.

Research new weapon#

Weapon capabilities are not affected by tech level, but you will be able to fit more weapon's on a ship at a higher tech level.When you increase tech level it is sometimes necessary to research a new weapon to maximize the power of your new unit. The best way to learn how they will perform is by research new weapons and probing them in a battle, so don't be afraid to waste some credits. A new weapon may not prove to be very effective but it will give to you the experience that you will need in the future to beat an enemy with very different weapons. Weapons have these design items:

Possibilities are infinite, only you can imagine how to use this to beat your enemies. Once you have researched a weapon, it will be available for use in your unit designs.

Research new space units#

Space units are the first defense against an enemy attack, and you need them to bring your armies to enemy planets. An Army is very vulnerable in space, because its carriers can be destroyed before they deploy armies onto the planet, so, you should secure space before invading the planet or risk loosing all of your army.

While a fleet is attacking a planet, that planet will be blockaded and unable to receive and send resource transfers, so you can use them to stop your enemy economy and prevent the building of new forces at that planet.

Space units could be destroyers, corvettes, fighters, bombers, turrets... Only your imagination is the limit.

Space units have these design components:

Please see  Command  for more information.

Research new ground units#

A planet is not conquered until it not has defending troops inside. So ground units are a vital barrier against your enemies, and are needed to take a planet. Ground units are tanks, turrets, droids...

Ground units have these design items:

Research new soldier units#

A planet is not conquered until it not has defending troops inside. Soldiers are cheap to produce and are very important to defend planets and asymmetric warfare.

Soldier units have these design items:

Research new nuke units#

Nukes allow you to bomb enemy planets and kill up to 50% enemy ground units and up to 50% buildings per battle turn. Nuke effect is calculated before the ground battle and after the space battle, so you need the sky safe to send nukes because they are pretty expensive.

Nukes may be used for some tasks like destroy a massive ground army without space protection, as a way to destroy your enemy buildings to damage his economy in one sector, as a fear factor, or as a way to destroy housing to conquer developed enemy planets. They are a tactic weapon for advanced rounds, and it may be definitive to win or loose a war. Higher nukes will be more cost effective.

Nukes are not available until your empire reach 2,000 tech level.


Build tasks can be made in your planets individually. If you have the appropriate amount of resources, the task will be finished instantly and you will have your build available.

Build panel is not only used to build your researched units or buildings, it could be used to manage planet resources, that is mine exium (if it is available), transfer resources to any other planet (owned by you or not, as a payment or a tribute) and even donate the whole planet to other user. Transferring resources have a cost that depends on the amount transferred and how far is the target planet.


At the beginning you only can build housing in your planet. Housing will increase the population of your planet and the planet will get more credits per turn to build whatever you want.

If you reach 500 development level (that is, you build 500 housing), then your planet will be able to build new buildings that will help to your planet to be more productive. The development level on each kind of building will reduce some task credit cost. There are no limit to the maximum development level of these buildings, they are only limited by the size of the planet.

Notice that sometimes you could not develop all this features totally on a planet, so you have to choose what you want to build on each planet.

Types of players#

When you create your account you have 3 options to choose the type of player you will be:


In the combat panel you can control all your empire fleets and armies, fleets and armies in action, that is attacking or defending planets, traveling, etc, and enemy fleets and armies used to attack your empire. In this panel you can find the wars in what your empire is involved and battle reports for each planet to see how well your designs perform against your enemies.

How battle reports work#

Battle reports are executed each 15 minutes. Between battle reports you can send reinforcements to the battlefield. In a battle report there are 2 battles, space and ground . It is important to know that space battle is executed before ground battle, so your ground units carried in your fleets could be destroyed in space and never will be in action.

You will conquer a planet when there are no enemy ground units deployed on it. So ground battles are decisive but they need space support to land in the planet relatively safe.

Each unit will divide its shots among all enemy units giving preference to those units that will get more damage with the weapon. Final hits and damage will depend on both designs. Take a look to weapon and unit design section to know how they could work in a battle in attack and defense. You have to take a look carefully to all battle reports to know how your units perform against enemies, and if you need to research new units to defeat them. In battle reports you will see the space and ground battles. The information you could find in them is the following:

After space and ground reports you will find a resume of the units destroyed in this battle and the number of units left that could fight in the next battle.


Stargates link 2 planets in a range of 30 parsecs in 30 minutes. Both planets must belong to you or your allies to apply the stargate. There are few of them, you will see which planet has a stargate in the map because they will have the mark "(Stargate)" or in the planet frame because they have the mark "(SG)" on the location side. On the planets list all Stargate locations are followed by an asterisk e.g [115,43,2*]

They are a very strategic thing to control because fleets can travel between all stargates within range in just 30 minutes giving you the possibility to send forces and resources in less time. The resource cost of sending between Stargate planets is the same as if they were in the same system at a distance of 0 parsecs. This means that with the appropiate network of stargates you can transfer resources from any place of the galaxy to your main planet instantly at very low cost.

Maximum number of owned planets (Build cost penalty)#

You can own an unlimited number of planets but you will loose production performance in all your planets for each additional planet you own. This can be avoided building  Command Centers . Command centers will become more expensive, so, once you have a good amount of owned planets it is better to occupy instead conquer planets to become stronger. Only own new planets for strategy needs, you will be able to disband any colony at any time once you don't need it.

Owned and Occupied planets#

Depending on the planet where you send an attack you will conquer or occupy a planet:

Plundering planets#

Once you have conquered a planet or have occupied it you have 24 hours to plunder it. When you plunder a planet you get an extra amount of credits end exium. You destroy all buildings if the planet is conquered (less than 1000 housing) or you will destroy 20% housing if the planet is occupied and you will maintain it occupied. You may have many reasons to plunder a planet, may be to get some resources faster, or if you don't want to maintain it under your control, or to raze the enemy economy. Is up to you.

Plundering planets can be a very profitable task if any empire is developing planets near your borders and are not well defended.


Trade is not a must in this game, you can play without trading at all, but if you trade you may get many benefits. Any colony can transfer credits and exium to another colony. You can send transports loaded with credits, exium and units to other allied planets. And you can donate fleets or armies to any ally.

With all these tools you can make exchanges of credits/exium/units and trade with them. Possibilities are infinite, you can sell your old units to other less advanced empires, or in the other hand, buy advanced units to help yourself in a war with an enemy. Even you can build many buildings to reduce costs and sell your exium, units at reduced costs to anyone to make extra credits. Or may be you can buy some mercenaries to harass enemy planets and don't get involved in a war.

Phases of the game#

While you play, you will live different phases in the game:


You have a pirate soul and you don't like empires. You just want to spend your life plundering planets in order to buy that system you always liked the look off. Or you simply have a few minutes every day to play. Perhaps your main planet has been occupied and you can't recover it. Or you are too near to big empires and they have taken all empty planets around you but because you are too small,they can't attack you because you are under protection. There is an alternative life in this game for people like you, beyond belonging to huge empires and managing lots of planets. You can play as a pirate.

There are many things that make life easier and funny to little players:


This tool is useful to contact with other players in game. Mail also will notify to the emperor important events like war declarations or it will be used to confirm peace treaties or pacific empire annexations.


In the daily universe you will follow the important events that happen in the universe. It shown a rank with the top 100 empires. You even can write your own articles (about empire propaganda, alliance announcements, etc.)


You can create bookmarks for any planet to locate it in 2 clicks. With the "Marks" button you can manage them.

Planet list#

The planet list button gives to you access to all your planets in one click.

Empire management#

The empire profile is very important to locate other empire planets. There is a very useful option "Show influence" that will show in the map the influence of an empire with red marks. Also in this profile you will find the planet list, the players that are playing in the empire, the total points of the empire, rank, etc.

Notice that an empire can have an emperor, senators, governors and prisoners.


Empires could make alliances to give support on attack or defense tasks, trade and share technology. Allied forces can fly freely among allied planets. An alliance is owned by the founder player and he has the power to accept or not join petitions of other empires to the alliance. Only emperors can create alliances or ask for join to other alliances, and any empire can only be linked with one alliance.

Allied empires can share designs with other alliance members.

User profile#

Here you will see the avatar, description, position, rank, points, etc... of a player. In your profile you can change your avatar, description and password.