Welcome to Galactic Empires #

What Is Galactic Empires#

Galactic Empires is a massive multi-player strategy game where the user doesn't need to be online constantly to be successful. Having advanced technology and a larger army is not the key to winning, only strategy and diplomacy will make the difference among large and small empires.

The game is different from others because of its game-play format. It is not time consuming, you wont have to wait for something to be built or researched. You cannot optimize your production by staying connected all day long. Forget the building queues.

Also it was designed to be easy to play and intuitive. Enjoy your life and enjoy Galactic Empires. Both things are possible!

Game mechanics

Game mechanics#

The game begins with a single colony. From that planet the player uses "credits" and "exium", which are generated with time, to build ships, armies, structures or research new technologies. As the game moves on players enlarge their empires through colonizing new worlds, trading with other players or warring with other empires.


Galactic Empires is a persistent universe; this means that the game keeps going on after the player has gone offline. Thus, if a player is offline attacks may still be launched against him. Also, your own fleets will not stop if they are moving.

Construction and research times have been cut to zero. If you have enough resources you will research or build instantly. The philosophy of the game is that you have time to play when you connect to the game, not 20 minutes later, so why you should wait? The resource cost increase as players improve upon their buildings.


War has a major role to play in Galactic Empires. Conquering planets will improve your own economy by adding new colonies to your empire whilst reducing that of your rivals. Occupying enemy bases to tax them and getting a boost to your economy through plundering them furthers this principle.

A planet can only be conquered by a landing force (soldiers, droids, tanks, etc) that must be transported by a fleet. Obviously, the fleet must not be destroyed before landing forces on the surface. So the first line of attack and defense are space units (transporters, fighters, bombers, frigates, cruisers, etc.)

There is 100% freedom to design units and weapons, this is one of the most interesting features of the game. You will not be limited by a tech tree. The success of a war depends a lot on the tech race, but it is always possible to purchase units and designs from other players if you start falling behind. You will have to research killer units and provide counter units against your enemy. Small units are fast and difficult to hit, usually used to destroy other small units or if they are armed with powerful weapons, they can destroy big units with poor support. On the other hand, big units usually are very shielded to protect small units and they load long range weapons to destroy other big units.

There are lots of strategies, fleet and army formations... A huge army or fleet does not guarantee victory.

Politics & Trade#

Also the game has a deep politics system:

  • You can create commercial agreements with other empires to trade with resources, units and even technology.
  • You can join your empire to an alliance.
  • You can join to other powerful empires to get protection and technology.
  • Or even better, you can invite to other players to join to your empire (peacefully or by force) taxing them, improving your economy, expanding your empire borders and increasing your power and influence.